Let Us Help You Speak Italian
through our Language Classes
for A1, B1, B2, C1, and C2

Classes are held weekly at the PIA Secretariat in Makati City, Metro Manila.

Courses focus on the development of the four language skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing) and are divided in levels accordingly with the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages.
Each level is divided in 3 courses (i.e. A1-a, A1-b, A1-c). Each course is composed by 12 classes of 3 hours each (36 hours).

Mainly, our classes take place every Saturday morning (9 to 12) and afternoon (1 to 4).
If the above schedules do not suit you, you may customize your own schedule as long as there is a minimum of 5 students per class. 

Enrollment fee for our regular courses in Makati is 6,000.00 pesos only.
Hands out and other learning materials and tools will be provided.

1. Thanks to the National Library of the Philippines, the PIA is now offering Italian classes in Manila City!
2. Accreditation of courses by TESDA is in the works!
3. The PIA is also developing an e-learning platform for Italian language!

Please fill out the form below and our Operations Team will get in touch with you. 
You can also join us at (+632) 815-1310 / filital2@yahoo.com

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You can also request private classes, at the PIA, at home or online (Skype).
The cost of a 20 hours course is 20,000.00 pesos (+ reimbursment travel costs in case of lessons at home)
For more info, please, contact us: filital2@yahoo.com | 815-1310