Galledia Duemila, together with The Philippine Italian Association, presents “Investigating into Different Approaches of Looking Into Landscapes”, A Workshop by Viviana Riccelli.

Brief Background: Viviana Riccelli is involved in the Verocchio Art School and the Art Center Umbria in Italy where she holds courses in painting and drawing. She is working in many art techniques including fresco and murals. Her present work is mainly in mixed media and gouache which she often prepares herself according to the traditional methods and recipes. In this workshop, she will teach us different approaches on abstract landscape thinking and making collages.

Objective: to investigate into different approaches of looking into landscapes
Participants: 19 visual artists
1. Introduction of the participants
2. Introduction to the course
3. Drawing the garden-scape in 5 lines, 5 drawings
4. Swapping / interchanging of the drawings among the participants
5. Discussion
6. Choice of one drawing to proceed with the collages
7. Collaging and painting
8. Participant presentation of their works

Registration is free! Confirm your slots by emailing us at or calling us at 831-99-90 or 833-98-15.