• Galleria Duemila (map)
  • Pasay
  • Philippines
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The Philippine Italian Association is proud to co-present the latest exhibit of the Italian artist based in the Philippines, Viviana Riccelli: In preda ad un’allucinazione. Dream Mode. “Between the Sky and Earth in Siquijor”.

This exhibit explores unconscious depths that form figures and eventually transforms into a spatial picture, observing different divisions of lines and shapes coupled with tonal colors that imbibe the mood of the image. It invites the viewer to glimpse through an angle, a window of a perhaps temporal scene of a place and of longing for it.

The exhibit will run from October 07 to 28 at Galleria Duemila, Pasay.

Viviana Riccelli has studied art extensively in Rome, Berlin, Venice and Cairo. She continuously explores the Philippines as part of her study on experiencing different cultures, forming her perception, and discovering her deep-set love for painting and drawing. She has been under the apprenticeship of famous American Abstract Expressionist movers such as Nicolas Carone and Beverly Pepper. She extends her knowledge through teaching for Verocchio Art School and Art Center in Umbria.