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The Last Supper is certainly one of the most famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance. The story of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, its relevance, its messages will be narrated in the context of the Renaissance period and with the emergence of Humanism.


On November 13, at the Italian restaurant Caruso, in Bel Air, Makati, an introduction on the secrets of Leonardo’s “The Last Supper” will be given by Mr. James Freney, a Director of the PIA.  

The presentation on the Last Supper will initially cover the context in which da Vinci lived, the Renaissance which was an extraordinary period in Western civilization accompanied with Humanism as its core philosophical guide.

The Renaissance was a period which followed the Middle Ages and began early in the 14th century and lasted approximately until the end of the 16th century.  It was characterized by a surge in the interest in the classics of Greek and Roman tradition as well as the values which placed the human being at the center of the intellectual focus of mankind. 

The Renaissance saw the discovery of new continents, the invention of such fundamental instruments such as the printing press, but it also saw growth in commerce and many more things.  In a way it was the beginning of what was later to become the Modern Age.

To scholars and thinkers of the day, however it was primarily a time of revival of classical learning which saw in art, among other means, as a form of glorification of God.

The Last Supper, while not a new idea (having been realized by other artists before da Vinci, as well as later) was an extraordinary manifestation of the human spirit and his emotions:  “moti dell’animo” This was Leonardo.

The presentation will therefore cover aspects related to human emotion, as well as the reaction of the Apostles to the message of Jesus as described in the Gospels. 

A Leonardo’s themed menu will be specially concocted by Mr. Emilio Mina, restaurant Director.

Partner Venue: Caruso Italian Restaurant (Nicanor Garcia St., Bel Air, Makati)
Sponsor: EastWest Priority Bank

Wine sponsors: Caruso, Itasia, My wine and Italfood 


7:00 PM registration

7:30 PM lecture

8:00 PM dinner


Appetizers:        Small Margherita and Neapolitan pizzas

Rolled dough stuffed with porcini mushroom sauce

First Course:     Pasta fagioli (Pasta with beans) or Ravioli carne al pomodoro (Homemade ravioli with meat and tomato sauce).

Second Course: Tagliata di manzo al rosmarino (Slices of beef in rosemary, garlic and olive) or Scaloppine di vitello al limone (Veal slices in lemon sauce)

Side Dish:          Fresh Salad or Roasted Potatoes or Spinaches or Mashed potatoes 

Dessert:            Special Monna Lisa dessert (Vanilla gelato with strawberries)

Price: P3000 (wine included) 

Reservations: philippineitalianassociation@gmail.com / (+632) 8-8151310