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  • 855 Kalaw Ave
  • Manila, NCR, 1000
  • Philippines
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DATE: On November 19, 5:00 PM (Film Presentation) and 8:00 PM (Film screening)
VENUE: Cinematheque Center Manila, Film Development Council of the Philippines, Kalaw Street, Manila.
EVENT: Italian Opening of Cine Europa in Manila.
SPONSOR: Hotel Jen Manila by Shangri-La


Title: BEING LEONARDO DA VINCI an impossible interview

a film by MASSIMILIANO FINAZZER FLORY, In collaboration with RAI CINEMA

Under the patronage of the National Committee for the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death.

Running time: 80 minutes. Year of production: 2019.

Awarded in the USA as: Winner Best Actor - Los Angeles Actors Awards January 2019; Winner Honorable Mention: Narrative Film - Los Angeles Film Awards 2019; Winner Best Narrative Feature - Festive International Film Festival 2019 Los Angeles.

Selected: Accolade Global Film Competition and Miami Independent Film Festival

 Country of production: Italy.

Direction and screenplay by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory on original texts by Leonardo da Vinci.

Language: Italian, Renaissance Italian, and English.

Subtitled in: English

Based on the homonymous show of success, a unique movie dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the universal genius’ death, where sets and works of art are all authentic from the birthplace of Leonardo in Vinci to the Château Royal of Amboise and the final resting place where Leonardo passed away in Clos Lucé and even in Vigevano the Stables, the Undergrounds, the Covered Road, the Castle. In Milan: San Sepolcro, the Venerable Biblioteca Ambrosiana, the "Orti di Leonardo”, the Bramante Sacristy, the Sforzesco Castle, the Sala delle Asse, the State Archives where the only existing autograph of Leonardo in the world was filmed. The Acquafraggia Waterfalls studied by the genius. And certainly Florence at the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella to show the botanical side of Leonardo. Filmed between the United States, France and Italy, the incredible make-up of Finazzer Flory’s face and a choreographic recitation that embodies the body of Leonardo gives us back not only its history but also in directing terms the influence of Leonardo in our aesthetics cinematographic too.

A universal icon, 500 years after his death. A film that holds together the linguistic originality through the Renaissance language and the technological quality of our time.

Short synopsis: two journalists, from New York and Milan unaware of each other, are looking for a scoop about the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. They see works of art and they pass thorough the places of the Genius between landscapes and mysterious encounters. In Florence for the first time during a show in costume between friars, tourists and flag-wavers unexpected traces are found. In Milan, a document to find out who Leonardo Man was through a scientific examination was discovered. Then they come to his final resting place in Clos Lucé and there they meet Leonardo face to face. The interview is granted. The words of the Genius are authentic, in Renaissance language. At the end Leonardo escapes through the undergrounds, returning to Vigevano and unveiling to the most important figures of his time where he reveals…


The Authorities involved: Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Basilica Santa Maria delle Grazie, Dominican Friars, Soprintendenza Archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio per la città metropolitana di Milano, State Archives, Superintendence of the Castle, Archaeological Museums and Historical Museums of Milan, Lombardy Region, Municipality of Milan, Municipality of Vinci, Museum of Vinci, Municipality of Vaprio D'Adda, Municipality of Piuro, Municipality of Vigevano, Region of the Loire Valley, Château du Clos Lucé - Parc Leonardo da Vinci, Amboise, Château Royal d'Amboise, Basilica of Saint Maria Novella, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella.



5:00 PM – Film presentation by Actor and Director, Mr. Finazzer Flory (access is free, first come first served)

6:30 PM – cocktail (invitational)

7:30 PM – Flim Screening (access is free, first come first served)


More info at: philippineitalianassociation@gmail.com / (+632) 8-815-1310