• Artinformal at Karrivin Plaza (map)
  • 2316 Chino Roces Avenue
  • Makati, NCR, 1232
  • Philippines

VISIONS AWAKE / Valeria Dardano and Andrea Famà

Gallery 2 at Artinformal Makati
Opening Mar 23 2019, 6PM
Exhibition will run until April 20 2019


Valeria Dardano (b. 1993) is from Turin, Italy, and her art is marked by a continuous research on the environmental contemporary connection between man and nature, and how lasting and inconclusive this same connection is. She obtained her degree in the visual and performing arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro. In 2015, she continued her art studies in Castellòn de la plana, Spain. She completed her master’s degree in sculpture in 2017 at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin, with her thesis ‘Delivery Status Notification Failure’, which is also the title of her first solo exhibition at the Fusion Art Gallery Inaudita.

Andrea Famà (b. 1988) is a writer and sculptor who lives and works in Turin, Italy. His visions arise from time and its slow passing. He eternalize moments and make visible the energies of the invisible by rendering them in concrete forms. In 2009, he obtained the qualification of Art Master at Catania’s art school. Since 2011, he has taken part in various exhibitions and residencies. He completed his bachelor’s degree specializing in sculpture at Catania’s art university. On the same year he moves to Turin to complete his studies at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti where he eventually obtained his master’s degree in 2015.



Gallery 3 at Artinformal Makati
Opening Mar 23 2019, 6PM
Exhibition will run until April 20 2019 .


Lui Medina (b. 1981) continues to interrogate form and figure in her latest works using landscapes as framework and not just as subject matter. From geologic to geographical forms, her works explore the plasticity of topographies and how expanses can become isolated parcels, islands into sprawls, landscapes without landmarks, mainly with the use of graphite. This interest in shapes and the organic has in turn also shaped the canvases and materials that she uses for her drawings and paintings. Her recent exhibitions include ‘The Notion of the Edge’ (2018), ‘Where does landscape begin?‘ (2016) and an eponymous exhibition in 2014 both at Artinformal, and ‘Metamorphic Histories‘ (2013) at Vargas Museum. She has been part of exhibitions at the Langgeng Art Foundation in Jogjakarta (2017), Mind Set Art Center in Taipei (2016), and Equator Art Projects in Singapore (2015). In 2018, she was artist-in-residence at Fusion Inaudita in Turin, Italy.

Both exhibitions by Dardano, Famá, and Medina are presented in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Manila, with the participation of the Philippine Italian Association.

See you on March 23rd, Saturday, at 6 PM